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Active travel in Ukraine, kayak trip in Kiev, weekend family tour

Weekend active travel kayak trip in Kiev Ukraine

Kayak active travel is a good idea to spend weekend and make mini vacation when you quickly break from the hustle and bustle of big city and spend time for recreation of your health.  This is very essential for citizens of Chernihiv, Kiev and other big cities, where human activity runs counter to laws of nature.


People who love nature and outdoor sport will find kayaking in Ukraine as an easy way to explore landscapes of Desna and Snov rivers. Family travel on kayaks is a good opportunity to spend weekend together and join children to outdoor sport.


Currently, green tourism and ecological traveling are increasingly attracting people who conduct healthy lifestyle by offering them combination of physical activity together with great impressions of seeing wild nature, good possibility to spend weekend outside big city and meet with interesting people.


Kayak tour program is also available for people with no travel experience to get a taste of this real adventure.


Kayaking is a great opportunity for me to experience the wonderful world of nature. Traveling on the wild countryside strengthens my body, relaxes my mind and builds up my spirit of adventure.  I experience the beauty of Ukrainian landscapes as seen from the Desna River, sounds of deep forest, scents of field grass and an evening campfire that will always stay in my memory as happy impressions of this summer travel.


I mainly do short weekend trip for recreation of health and wellness and I include organic food as part of this outdoor travel.

I like the test of authentic Russian fish soup of freshly caught catfish (which we call uha) and savor of barbecue made of organic meat. I also like vegetarian dishes and home cooking meal.


I adapt rafting for novice and for advanced paddlers as well.  I personally a supporter of moderate level of physical outdoor activity.  

And I invite everybody to get new impressions and pleasant travel experience in this short kayak tour.


I offer corporate team building and individual trip as well.


We provide all camping equipment, make up the route, buy organic food and cook during kayak travel.

At the beginning of trip you will have a short coach of basic kayak operation rules, safety rules and skills needed to navigate your vessel. Russian folding kayak is very stable especially when loaded, and paddling is easy and pleasant.


Come this summer for the thrill of life, … be young, healthy and enthusiastic!

Come and relax, celebrate a birthday party with friends or make a corporate team building with colleagues.
Upon completion of kayak travel you can order sauna on the bank of the Desna River.



Optimal number of members: 12-15 (individual tour of kayak trip is also possible)
Duration: weekend, 2-3 days or more.



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Duration (days)

Distance (км.)

Snovianka – Chernihiv


Sedniv - Snovianka – Chernihiv 


Saltykova Divytsia – Chenihiv

4 - 5


Ushnia  – Chernihiv

6 - 7


Contacts: Yaroslav
Mob.: +(380)50-313-5069
Tel.: +(380)462-610-753